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Beginners Cricut Workshop

Beginners Cricut Workshop

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Here Is Everything You Will Learn In The  Cricut Workshop. 

  1. 3 mistakes to avoid when getting started with Cricut
  2. What an SVG file is and why they are important
  3. How to upload your own designs to Design Space
  4. How to move, scale, rotate, delete, and duplicate images on your canvas. 
  5. How to use the top 6 most important tools in Design Space (your machine only takes orders from Design Space! You have to know how to speak its language.
  6. A deeper understanding of the many types of fun projects you can make with Cricut
  7. How to master everything your machine can do for you without tech confusion and overwhelm!

Workshops will be available every Wednesday at 10 am or 6pm and are 1 & 1/2 hour long. 

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